Children do not just “fall” into good character. They don’t just “happen” to make Godly choices. They need to be guided by Godly parents and Christian leadership. They need purposeful teaching and ample opportunities to put that learning into action.

In his book, Too Small to Ignore, Dr Wess Stafford talks about the many ways we handicap our children in North America. We give them too many freedoms without teaching them the responsibilities that go along with those freedoms. We teach them to be dependent on us instead of being the leaders of the next generation. We give them too much of our money and too little of our time. After all, it is often easier to do a task alone than it is to invite a little one to help. Instead of including them in our real lives, we buy them plastic kitchen sets and plastic food and send them on their way. Somehow we think that the easy-bake oven is supposed to simulate real life and that they will someday, automatically learn to cook for themselves.

Contrast that with the parent who pulls up a chair and invites Little Johnny to help with the cooking. The parent demonstrates a task that he can be successful in doing and then oversees the child while he tries it on his own. At mealtime Johnny receives the satisfaction from seeing everyone enjoy what he has made, which makes him want to help out again tomorrow. By repetition, he learns the skills that he needs to become independent and to feed his own children someday. More importantly, Little Johnny knows that he is loved and that his parent genuinely wants to be with him. Now let’s imagine transferring this principle to all aspects of Johnny’s life – including his spiritual life. With his parents’ help Little Johnny will be ready to step into adulthood and Christian leadership.

Clearview Community Church is dedicated to assisting parents in making that happen. At Clearview children receive purposeful teaching and are given abundant opportunities to put their learning into action. That means, in areas where safety is not an issue, the children are taught to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings and to minister to those younger than themselves. Things may not always be done perfectly but they are done with a purpose – to help the child find his place in God’s Kingdom and in the community.

Thanks for letting us serve you and your children.
Marnita A. denBok
Children’s Pastor

“Watch carefully the children around you. In precious moments you will catch a glimpse of the Savior’s face. Listen intently and you will hear His voice. Walk gently among them; His footprints are all around you. Embrace them, for you are embracing Him. Respect them, because they are sometimes God’s agents – exactly the kind of instruments He needs. At such times, only a child will do.”

Dr. Wess Stafford,
Too Small To Ignore