After a great deal of prayer, thought and consultation, we have determined that we will be suspending all of our public gatherings effective immediately. This was a difficult decision and one based not out of fear, but out of concern for our community. We are doing this in response to the government's and health leaders' request to limit opportunities where this virus could be spread. This is precautionary, in the hopes that those most vulnerable in our community do not become exposed. 

Are we over-reacting? Some may think so, but we do not believe so. While the virus is not widespread in Canada as of yet, experts suggest that, without precautions, it will be. We would rather be a part of ensuring that our community stays safe and feel that it would be selfish of us to continue as if there were no issue. We feel this lets us be a part of the solution. Other churches and organizations must choose their own course of action. This is what we have chosen to do.

How do we do church now? Church is not about a building; it is the people. We will share services via Facetime and the recordings will be available on this website. The church office will remain open and Pastoral Care will be maintained. We encourage each of you to make the most of this opportunity to care for your neighbor and your community. Take time to worship with your family. The church historically has risen to the occasion in challenging times. Let us do so again. Do not fear. Love your neighbor, share with those in need; trust God.

If you have not already signed up for RightNow media, you are encouraged to do so. For an invitation, send an e-mail to [email protected] Should you have any questions, please feel free to phone the church office at 705-428-6543 or contact one of the pastors via e-mail. We will keep you informed as the situation develops. God Bless you.