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We're carefully preparing for our return to church in-person. We want to make sure we are protecting our most vulnerable. And there are a few things we’d like you to know. We are one church in three locations, however we have only one site - Stayner - that is cleared to have services currently.
So what we are trying to do is to take the steps we need to take to return to church safely. If you are feeling sick or experiencing and flu like symptoms, please stay home. If you are not comfortable returning just yet, that's okay. Feel free to continue to enjoy our online content.
We will do a “test run” on June 28 with staff and volunteers so that we can be sure we have our new systems in place. If all goes well, we will launch our first public service on July 5. You must preregister in order to attend. Hit the link below, or call the church. (Note: there is a maximum capacity of 30%)
We will be taking precautions to ensure that Masks and sanitation practices are strongly encouraged. Unfortunately, children’s programming is still not permitted. Children must sit with their parents. We are also building a team of volunteers to help us with the new protocols. If you would like to help, please send us an e-mail or call the church during office hours. We look forward to seeing you all again shortly.
Online Registration for Sunday, July 5th
(one service at 10:00 AM, Stayner Campus only):
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.